Groove Armada – At The River

Groove Amanda – At the River was released as a single in 1997 on 7″ vinyl, limited to 500 copies.The song appeared on the duo’s debut album Northern Star and again on their second album, Vertigo, released in April 1999.
A sample of Patti Page’s “Old Cape Cod” forms the basis of the song: the lines “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air/Quaint little villages here and there”, sung in Page’s multi-tracked close-harmony, is repeated throughout the song, with the addition of synthesizer bass, slowed-down drum programming and a blues-style trombone solo to produce a more chill-out track.

“At the River” was originally released as a single on 7″ vinyl in 1997, and appeared on the duo’s debut album Northern Star as well as its follow-up, Vertigo, in 1999.On 26 July 1999, the single was re-released on 12″ and CD. This re-release peaked at number 19 in the UK Singles Chart.It was used in adverts for Marks & Spencer Food in 2006, and in the films About Time and The Low Down.

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